DEMAR hunting boots, wellingtons, sandals and half-shoes

More demanding and at the same time less popular hobbies, risky hobbies or work in harsher environmental conditions obliges to pay special attention to the attire and footwear worn. Properly selected, high-quality products ensure safety and proper protection even during long treks on unknown routes.

DEMAR - shoes for special tasks

One of the most popular manufacturers in the specialized footwear market is DEMAR, which offers good quality shoes at affordable prices. In its wide range of products it has shoes dedicated to both amateurs and professionals, including in the fields of fishing, hunting or hunting. People who go on expeditions over difficult terrains and perform physical work full of challenges should follow health and safety rules as much as possible and take care of their health. To this end, it is worthwhile for them to stock up on professional footwear.

What distinguishes DEMAR shoes?

Highly specialized footwear from the Polish manufacturer is made of extremely durable materials, resistant to adverse climatic conditions. For lovers of less common passions, the company has created a wide range of models.

DEMAR hunting, trekking and hunting boots are ideal for outdoor activities. They are durable, warm and waterproof, with a non-slip sole. Some styles are additionally equipped with a replaceable warming insert and reinforced insoles, increasing not only protection against various types of hazards, but also providing comfort and freedom of movement.

DEMAR is a brand that creates for people who have trouble finding the right equipment, accessories, shoes or clothing due to high demands. Convenience, durability and usability are the trio with which the specialized boots of the Polish manufacturer can be described.

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