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Durable anti-static gloves

When performing heavy physical work, you need to take special care to protect your hands from injury, as well as adverse weather conditions. For this purpose, it is worth reaching for antistatic gloves sold in the Gabi health and safety store. The models available from us are equipped with special reinforcements located around the palm and fingertips. Synthetic leather allows efficient operation of touch screens of smartphones and tablets without having to take off the gloves. Most of the products come with special clips, so you can easily clip the gloves together to prevent them from getting lost.

Practical and durable anti-static gloves for manual workers

The assortment of our store is constantly enriched with durable work gloves from the so-called top shelf. You can buy models from us that differ in cut and color. These products are distinguished by their versatility of use. They can be used by physical workers performing various tasks. Thanks to functional fasteners located in the wrist area, the gloves perfectly adapt to the shape and size of the hand.

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