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Self-adhesive warning tape Taso-Sp33 Reis


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Self-adhesive warning tape - universal protection for many different places

Temporary protection of dangerous areas or complex systems leading to production halls and warehouses - these and many other uses can be made of our self-adhesive warning tape. This excellent product of ours will easily allow you to increase the level of safety in a given place. It proves that you can get a signaling effect without unnecessary, tedious creation of other security features. You should check out our range of self-adhesive warning tapes now.

Our self-adhesive warning tape is available in two color versions. This allows you to choose which one suits your preferences better. Our tape does not require any installation or built-in, which significantly saves your time and labor. In addition, it does not take up space, so you can say that it is very practical. The tape can be used as required. It is extremely versatile, so that it works well in any place where the need for a signaling effect has arisen.

Self-adhesive warning tape - visible and permanent signaling effect

Our self-adhesive tape is extremely functional. If the unexpected happens, it only takes a few moments to effectively demarcate the place for various reasons. Each of our tape is self-adhesive, which means convenience in sticking it. There is no need to use additional adhesives or other such products, as it adheres very firmly to almost any surface.

We especially recommend you to use our yellow-black warning tape as a complement to crossing thresholds and cable platforms. It will be an excellent signal to the driver of a vehicle that it is necessary to slow down in this place and drive at a slower speed through a particular area of the road. Our tape is a practical and functional product. It is worth giving yourself a chance to find out about it today. We cordially invite you to make a purchase.

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