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Screwdrivers are essential tools that are always worth stocking!

It would be hard to imagine a workshop, a manufacturing plant, or a construction site - where this popular type of tool is missing. Screwdrivers are so versatile in use that even a student living on a boarding school away from home should have one. The screwdriver can take the form of a hand tool - adapted for precise work, such as screwing together finished parts and wherever a screwdriver cannot reach. We also operate a hand screwdriver when working with delicate materials. On the other hand, screwdriver bits - so-called bits - form an interchangeable part of the screwdriver, adapting it to work with different types of screw heads.

The most popular are Phillips and flathead screwdrivers

These types of screwdrivers are probably found in every home workshop and are really useful, even for people who have nothing to do with workshop work. Shapes and sizes of screwdrivers can take a lot, of course, and they are marked with the usual specific symbols, such as PZ1, or T40.

We also have a range of robust bits for tools equipped with an impact function. Such specialized bits are already used most often by professionals during finishing, renovation and construction work. Both screwdrivers and screwdriver bits can be purchased from us in practical sets, which, notabene- are always a very desirable gift for any DIY enthusiast.

A screwdriver is not the same as a screwdriver! Choose a specific model that will best serve its purpose

You can choose among the offerings of many popular manufacturers in the industry, which differ in the alloy used to make a particular tool, the way the handle is finished in the case of manual screwdrivers, and the method of packaging. Contrary to appearances, this last factor is very important due to the fact that, for example, bits are very often lost. They are in the form of small rods and like to fall out of pockets - so the way they are stored often determines their lifespan.

It doesn't matter whether you decide on a single tool or a whole set of screwdrivers - to ensure that you can work with satisfaction, be tempted to buy a solid product of the best quality. A company workshop always requires good tools that resist increased use with the high durability of the materials used in production. On the other hand, for home use - as long as you don't lose it - your favorite screwdriver can be with you for many years. Whenever you need it.

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