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Fan Wp 012 Protekt


14 days


241,79 €

(196,58 € + vat)

Fan Wp 013 Protekt


14 days


293,65 €

(238,74 € + vat)

High quality construction fans in the BHP-Gabi store

The offer of BHP-Gabi online store is really rich. In the assortment, in addition to work clothes and specialized safety shoes, you can find all sorts of accessories. In addition, high-quality construction equipment deserves attention. An excellent example is a practical fan, also known as an air blower. The products of this type available on our website are characterized by an extremely strong, durable and robust design, making them resistant to damage. In addition, their operation should not cause difficulties even for a person using a construction fan for the first time.

Construction fan - an indispensable equipment on the construction site

The mobile device is used both in large and small spaces where air circulation is quite poor. Thanks to the blower, the construction fan perfectly dries soggy surfaces. Among other things, it works well in auto repair shops, garages, power plants and in the previously mentioned construction industry. Its greatest advantages include effective ventilation of large and small spaces, effective cooling and removal of various types of pollutants, including smoke and dust.

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