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Eu202 - Roofing - Carpentry Angle


3 days


38,70 €

(31,46 € + vat)

Svb24M - Magnetic Box Beam Level 61Cm Savage


3 days


81,28 €

(66,08 € + vat)

Svb36M - Magnetic Box Beam Level 91.44 Cm Savage


3 days


129,35 €

(105,16 € + vat)

Svcm233 - Adjustable Angle - Universal Savage


Product temporarily unavaliable


29,57 €

(24,04 € + vat)

Svk666 - Folding Saw - Savage Knife


3 days


32,39 €

(26,33 € + vat)

Measuring tools

Do you need high-quality measuring tools? If you are looking for products that will guarantee simpler and more comfortable work, you are in the right place. At BHP Gabi you will find both advanced and basic measuring tools that are very popular among our customers. This is, of course, mainly due to their excellent workmanship. You are welcome!

Bet on proven measuring tools

Customers of GABI health and safety center have the opportunity to choose for themselves extremely precise and at the same time hassle-free in daily use measuring tools. Created with attention to every detail, professional measuring tools prove themselves in workshops and on construction sites. They are also often used on a daily basis during large and small home repairs. We invite you to learn more about our products.

Measuring tools - types and their common use

Those who use our offer can opt for professional measuring tools, thanks to which determining the appropriate measurement result is no problem at all. Bet on proven measuring tools. The types that you can tailor to the needs of your business will allow you to properly complete all the products you need. Among these products, carpenter's bevels are very popular, for example. These basic measuring tools have metric and degree scales, and their traditional numbering allows for easy reading. We also offer the simplest rolling tape measures, which are very often used, for example, for measuring rooms. They should not be missing on any construction site. In addition, we took care of the availability of electronic calipers, which are made of stainless steel. Their clear LCD display allows for trouble-free reading. What other measuring tools can be purchased from us? These include spirit levels, adjustable protractors and even folding saws.

Bet on proven measuring instruments and tools

Our entire assortment consists of products from proven brands that are highly regarded by users. Proposed measuring tools include products from Swanson, Gertu, or Savage. We focus on equipment you can trust - that's why the tools offered here combine great build quality and high precision. On the one hand they are easy to use, on the other hand they are indispensable on construction sites or in various workshops. They will prove useful wherever precise and accurate measurements are important. We prove that hand-held measuring tools, as well as large-sized equipment, can impress with their excellent performance and very simple operation. As a result, we are confident that you will find their selection rewarding.

Check out what precision measuring tools await you in the offer of GABI health and safety center and choose for your home or workshop products that can definitely come in handy. You can already purchase such measuring tools that will positively affect the comfort and convenience of daily work in your establishment. If you need additional information about the presented products, then contact our staff. We cordially invite you to do so.

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