Glove RbR (12 pairs) Art-Mas


14 days


14,78 €

(12,02 € + vat)

protective gloves 34-774B Maxiflex Elite ATG


7 days


85,33 €

(69,37 € + vat)

protective gloves Indy Ardon 20146 (12 pairs)


14 days


67,59 €

(54,95 € + vat)

protective gloves Top Up Ardon 20133 (12 pairs)


14 days


40,55 €

(32,97 € + vat)

Versatouch 92-200 Ansell protective gloves

Ansell Edmont

Archived product


15,20 €

(12,36 € + vat)

Gloves Rwgrip Z cat.2 (12 pairs) Art-Mas


14 days


5,63 €

(4,58 € + vat)

Crane 01020008 welding gloves Cerva 20992


Product temporarily unavaliable


2,82 €

(2,29 € + vat)

welding gloves Harpy 01020019 Cerva 20984


7 days


5,07 €

(4,12 € + vat)

Work gloves

We carry a wide selection of work gloves from leading manufacturers. Cerva, Delta Plus, Gabi, Granberg, H5Pro, Industrial Starter are just some of the companies whose products you will find on this site. Work gloves have different properties, depending on their purpose. Their materials and sizes are also different. If the object of your search is work gloves then you will certainly find the right model here.

In our store we offer work gloves for work in various conditions and industries. For example, blade work gloves, welding work gloves, assembly gloves, fleece gloves, disposable film gloves, sports gloves, garden gloves and many others.

Each model of work gloves available in our offer has been carefully selected and tested by specialists to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. Work safety and comfort is our priority, so we offer only the highest quality products.

Work gloves vs. safety:

Who should wear work gloves? Not only those who work in dangerous conditions that require additional hand protection. Such products can be used in many of the jobs we do every day at home. This includes repair work or gardening. With get full protection, and these products will fulfill their functions. Take a look at our wide range of protective gloves.

Work gloves are not only an element of protection, but also comfort when performing various activities. With the right fit and the right material, gloves provide comfort and facilitate work. It is worth noting that not only gloves protect our hands, but also take care of hygiene. Wearing gloves at work allows us to minimize contact with bacteria and other contaminants, which translates into better well-being and health. In our offer you will find work gloves that will meet all the requirements and ensure maximum safety when performing work.

Advantages of work gloves

Gloves that can be purchased in our store meet many different needs. For those who, as a result of constant use, often use another pair of work gloves, we recommend polyester gloves, whose durability is lower, but a very attractive price encourages their purchase. Protective gloves at Gabi Health and Safety Center are available in popular sizes. Our customers will find protective gloves of nylon, textile, leather, nitrile, grain leather, PVC gloves, foam-coated, jersey, nitrile, lycra or spandex.

Professional work gloves - in what professions are they necessary?

Strong work gloves are a piece of protective equipment that is essential in many industries and professions. They are very important because they protect hands from mechanical, chemical, thermal or biological damage. It is worth noting that the appropriate work gloves should be tailored to the specifics of the work performed. Below are some examples of occupations in which they are essential:

Warehouse and logistics worker - protective gloves will help protect hands during loading and unloading of goods, as well as during packaging and sorting of shipments.

Electrician - protective gloves protect hands from electric shock and other dangerous factors that occur during electrical work.

Construction worker - work gloves are essential in this profession, as they protect hands from various types of mechanical damage and from dangerous substances that can be encountered at construction sites.

Car mechanic - protective gloves help protect hands from dirt, oil and other substances that a mechanic encounters while doing his job.

Farmer - the gloves protect hands from harmful agents such as fertilizers, pesticides and skin-damaging chemicals that farmers deal with on a daily basis.

Our gloves are also worn by construction workers, assemblers, chainsaws, miners, production line workers and people in many other professions. We also recommend protective aprons to complete the set at work. Work gloves and protective gloves at Gabi Health and Safety are high quality workmanship and a way to increase your efficiency.

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