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Firefighter Helmet Gallet F2 Xtrem


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310,56 €

(252,49 € + vat)

Fireman's helmet

Proper protection of the head from injury is very important in the work of a firefighter. If you care about providing your subordinates with proper protection, be sure to pay attention to the firefighter helmets available in the BHP-Gabi store. The products we sell are distinguished by the highest quality and solidity of manufacture. A properly selected firefighter helmet combines aesthetic and functional qualities. These types of shields are worn very comfortably. The included mask adapters can be adjusted at several points. This allows the chosen firefighter helmet to perfectly fit the size and shape of a person's head. A three-point chin strap further increases the comfort of the model.

High-quality firefighter helmets at your fingertips

The assortment of the BHP Gabi store is supplemented on an ongoing basis with various types of firefighter helmets. Individual products differ in size, shape and colors. Don't know which models will best meet your expectations? We invite you to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best models of helmets.

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