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22-41420 Gerber Gator Axe W/Saw Combo II


7 days


93,64 €

(76,13 € + vat)

31-002647 Gerber Hatchet 14'' (Sport Axe II)


7 days


79,90 €

(64,96 € + vat)

Hammers, axes

Axes are indispensable tools in many walks of life, from construction work and forestry to survival and camping.

In addition, carpentry axes are extremely important for several reasons. First of all, they are extremely versatile. Thanks to their different sizes and shapes, axes can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as chopping wood, clearing terrain, or even fine-tuning logs.

What to look for when choosing a wood axe?

There are several different types of axes, and each is designed for a different type of work. Wood splitting axes tend to be heavier and have longer handles, allowing them to generate more impact force. Chopping axes, on the other hand, are lighter and have shorter handles for precise cutting.

Also pay attention to what material the axe handle is made of. A good choice here would be a model with a rubberized handle, under which is a fiberglass-reinforced nylon shaft. This will ensure maximum stability during work and a firm grip on the tool, even when your hands are wet.

It is no less important to secure the tool when you no longer need it. Pay attention to whether the model you choose has a guard to protect the blade, such as the Gerber 14-inch axe available from us.

The weight of the axe is also important. A lightweight wood axe is easier to control and maneuver, which is especially important for precision tasks such as chopping small branches or carving wood. Meanwhile, a heavier model allows for efficient chopping and splitting of larger logs.

Wood splitting axes in our offer

Our offer includes wood splitting axes, which are indispensable in many situations, both during forestry work and camping trips. You will hit us with a model (Gerber Gator Combo axe), which, among other things, combines the functions of a hatchet and a saw, making it an extremely versatile tool. Made of high-quality materials like forged steel and fiberglass, it ensures long-lasting and reliable operation for several seasons.

In addition to this, a 14-inch Gerber axe is also at your disposal, which is ideal for a variety of tasks, from chopping wood to precision cutting. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and store.

Visit our store, where you'll find a wide selection of products you need for safety and comfort. Workwear, gloves, eye, head and hearing protection, as well as tools, including wood splitting axes. Check out our offer today and choose what you need!

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