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First aid kits for cars

There is no doubt that first aid kits with complete and high-quality equipment are an accessory that should never be missing from a driver's car. Many people often ask the question: is a first aid kit mandatory? Polish law does not make it mandatory to have such a first aid kit, but anyone who sees a person in need of first aid is obliged to provide it. This is not fully (or at all!) possible without the right equipment.

Among other things, this is why a first aid kit remains a very important piece of equipment in a car. It is not only for your safety (and that of your passengers), but also for other traffic participants, whom every driver is obliged to help.

In our offer customers will find first-aid kits for cars of various types. Car first aid kit, which is in our assortment, is a first aid kit of the type:

- basic;

- extended;

- a model with a triangle and a vest.

First aid kit for cars - composition

Different models of first aid kits differ in the number of individual components. Car first aid kit and its composition include:

- waterproof packaging;

- plasters on a spool;

- elastic bandages of various sizes;

- disposable vinyl gloves;

- bandage slings of various sizes;

- bandages with compresses (multiple versions);

- compresses for races;

- thermal blankets;

- scissors;

- first aid instructions;

- others.

The above list may vary for a particular model, so before buying a particular first aid kit, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with its composition. The most extensive version with a triangle and vest was prepared for people for whom full car equipment and safety stand at a very high level. It is worth taking this type of accessory on a trip, because unforeseen events can sometimes not be avoided. However, it is necessary to be fully prepared for them, and the assortment from our offer will effectively help in this, saving health and life in critical situations, without taking up too much space in the car or its trunk.


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