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Lahti pro work pants

Our range of work pants also includes copies from Lahti Pro. Pants from this manufacturer are characterized by a unique design, which, first of all, protects the lower part of the worker's body from dirt, as well as from minor mechanical injuries.

Lahti Pro work pants are made from a variety of materials, which include -.

- cotton (breathable and resistant fiber);

- polyester (resistant to mechanical damage);

- elastane (stretchable, for greater comfort);

- admixtures of other materials.

Depending on the model, Lahti Pro pants can take the form of pants made primarily of plastic or denim (Lahti Pro Jeans pants). The latter are built to maximize worker comfort. Not only thanks to the elastic elements in the knee area (they make squatting easier!), but also thanks to the entire structure of the pants. It is thoughtfully designed to facilitate work even when the worker has to use very many tools.

Lahti Pro work pants - effective design

Both polyester and denim pants have plenty of handy, conveniently located pockets where workers will stow the most necessary instruments. That's not all, however, as among the previously mentioned pockets there will also be one where an employee's phone will rest comfortably (and safely!). Protection from dirt, as well as (to some extent) from impact will certainly affect the higher level of protection for this device.

The length of Lahti Pro pant models is specified by the manufacturer as waist length. These are not dungarees, but regular cut or slim fit pants. We have expanded the size range accordingly so that most customers can fit the pants to their height (length of the lower extremities). Lahti Pro pants are very well-designed, resistant clothing, suitable for work in demanding conditions, where the employee must move freely, but at the same time be adequately protected.

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