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BEE-JAC21 BE Beekeeping Sweatshirt


3 days


39,14 €

(31,82 € + vat)

BEE-JAC22 BE Unzippable Beekeeping Sweatshirt


3 days


43,37 €

(35,26 € + vat)

Beekeeping sweatshirts - a guarantee of comfortable and safe work on the apiary

Our beekeeping sweatshirts are comfortable and sturdy clothing for beekeepers. They are designed to combine the effectiveness of a sweatshirt and a hat. That is why they are equipped with a special mesh. Any of our beekeeping sweatshirts together with a hat is always a guarantee of excellent protection against bites. We have a wide range of these products for beekeepers. Their purchase is an excellent idea for both beginners and more advanced fans of beekeeping. Be sure to check out our offer now! All of our beekeeping sweatshirts with hats have a special wire that allows the beekeeper to work freely, while separating his face from the net. As a result, you will feel really comfortable in it. Each of our sweatshirts is combined with a hat, which is fastened with a special zipper. This makes it easy to keep it easily clean, while having the choice of whether you prefer to use two items at the same time or just one. This makes our unbuttoned beekeeping sweatshirt with hat very practical and functional.

Adamek beekeeping sweatshirt - excellent protection and comfort in one.

All our products in this category are made entirely of high-quality cotton. This makes them comfortable and flexible. And on top of that, they are very durable. The beekeeping sweatshirts with hats we offer are finished with elastic bands, with which you can adjust them to the given body shape. This is an additional protection against bee stings. Each Adamek beekeeping sweatshirt has three pockets, where you can easily store the most necessary items.

Our beekeeping sweatshirt provides adequate body ventilation. As a result, you will feel very comfortable and free in it. In the assortment of our store we have different sizes of sweatshirts, so you will perfectly fit one of them to your body. Have you already decided on our beekeeping sweatshirt? We highly recommend it to you and wish you nothing but successful shopping in our online store.

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