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FHH10011 Handheld flashlight for household use Falcon Eye

Falcon Eye

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FWL0041 Workshop flashlight Falcon Eye 115 lm

Falcon Eye

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Inspection flashlight with 24 LED diodes Pa56 Portwest


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Pa65 Portwest Inspection Flashlight


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Workshop flashlights

We certainly do not need to convince you about the importance of proper lighting during work. That's why we decided to offer our customers high-quality workshop flashlights, which can be purchased in this particular category of our online store. Find out what makes workers very happy to use them and choose models that will meet your expectations. You are cordially invited!

You need a professional and durable workshop flashlight

We equip you with the items you need for your work and collect an assortment of the highest quality. Therefore, you can not worry about whether the workshop flashlight purchased from us will perform well during your chosen activities! You can confidently choose from models equipped with functions of continuous light of different intensity, pulsating light, and color-changing light - which can be extremely useful in highlighting the visibility of sensitive work areas, etc. Workshop flashlights available from us are characterized by increased resistance to mechanical injury, water resistance and the presence of additional application functions.

Inspection flashlight - always present on duty!

A good workshop flashlight often takes the form of an inspection flashlight, that is, one that is most often present on the equipment of uniformed services. It has many lighting functions, allows you to transmit signals, is incredibly durable and has various attachments that allow it to be clipped to a belt, hung on a hook or attached to metal surfaces with built-in magnets. Due to being equipped with modern leds - flashlights of this type are much more durable than their technological predecessors.

A flashlight can be useful not only at work, but also at home and in the car!

The right led workshop flashlight will allow you to use it very versatile indoors and outdoors. In our assortment we have flashlights that are versatile in nature, but enriched with features that help you work even in more demanding circumstances. An example of this is the handy slim model falcon eye flashlight adapted for use in crevices, easily mounted to metals with magnets. We have for sale both tiny pen flashlights that will fit in a small glove box, toolbox, or pocket, as well as powerful 2,000 lumen construction floodlights, certified water- and dustproof. In between is a wide range of intermediate models that are sure to come in handy in your work and everyday life.

What else will positively surprise you with our flashlights?

You already know that each workshop flashlight offered here is an accessory that is used not only during work. What's more, we've already pointed out that these are undoubtedly products worth choosing. Our rechargeable workshop flashlights are light and handy, so they fit very well in the hand. Their handling is not problematic, and the light generated allows for really uninterrupted work.

Depending on which specific variant you choose, a given flashlight can have up to three light functions. Changing between each will certainly not be a problem. We know that professional workshop flashlights must be made in such a way as to exhibit high resistance against damage. So when shopping, you may want to pay attention to what the specific waterproof class is. This will ensure that the equipment you choose is a really good investment.

Bet now on our LED workshop flashlights, whose workmanship is at a really high level. We invite you to place your order.

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