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Thermal Blanket Akocterm 160X200 Pk Mot

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Rescue blanket

Our rescue blanket prevents the body from cooling down, and also protects the injured person from moisture, wind or sunlight in hot weather. A proper blanket covers as much of a person's body surface as possible. We have on sale high-quality thermal rescue blankets. We invite you to familiarize yourself with their offer. Our thermal rescue blanket is made of polyethylene metallized thermal material. As a result, the product performs its functions perfectly. Importantly, it also meets all the requirements of Council Directive 93/42/EEC, which applies to medical devices. Therefore, it can be used safely in cases of health or life-threatening emergencies. In addition, it takes up little space when folded, so you can take it anywhere with you. It is also very lightweight, making it convenient to transport to accident sites.

Thermal emergency blankets - an extremely important and necessary medical device.

What are emergency blankets used for? Most often, they protect against body frostbite in a wide variety of situations. This is a practical item that often comes in handy during unforeseen circumstances. If you want to use it properly and protect yourself or another person from hypothermia, you should cover your body with the silver side of the blanket.

Our medical device also protects against overheating of the body in question. Then you should cover the body with the gold side. At this point, the blanket begins to reflect the sun's rays. The dimensions of our product are 160X200 centimeters. These are the standard parameters, which are the best protection against cooling or overheating of the body in difficult life situations.

The price of this product in our store is low. On the other hand, its value cannot be properly measured, because with its help you can save your health and even life or protect another person with it. Rescue blankets are usually useful in the least expected circumstances. Therefore, you are cordially invited to make your purchase now.

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