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Anti-vibration gloves

We offer anti-vibration gloves, the form of which allows them to absorb excessive vibrations when working with tools and equipment that cause vibration and oscillation. A hand unprotected by gloves, such as the hand of a chainsaw operator, is constantly exposed during work to vibrations leading to the development of vibration sickness.

A wide selection of anti-vibration work gloves

Irritated by vibrations and oscillations of various intensities, the nerves of the hand are slowly damaged, which can lead to disorders not only of circulation, and therefore to numbness in the hand, but also to paresthesia. This word means peripheral sensation, and in later stages the disease can lead to slow sensory loss.

The gloves in our range are designed in a variety of ways, and their form, due to small blocks of suitable material or thickness, absorb some of the vibrations produced by a variety of equipment. Anti-vibration work gloves, for example, anti-vibration gloves for chainsaws from our offer, hinder the development of vibration sickness, delaying the appearance of the first symptoms or preventing their occurrence.

At the same time, they increase the comfort of work, sensitivity of the hands, and thus, the precision of performed activities and reduce fatigue during work. Thus, anti-vibration gloves are not only a way to protect the worker's hands, but also to increase his efficiency at work.

Many glove models have reinforcements made of thermoplastic rubber, which protects the fingers from the impact of heavy objects. This is particularly important in the work of construction workers, chainsaws and other professionals who are at risk of injury from the impact of a heavy object.

The gloves in our range, depending on the model, are also resistant to cuts, breaks in the material, cuts or overstretching and cracking of the fiber from which they are sewn.

We believe that they will allow you to maintain the efficiency of your hands while working, protect them from injury, increase the efficiency of the employee and improve the comfort of your work while performing business activities.

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