Vertically foldable Mask, with valve, FFP2 Singer Auump32V
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Protective half mask FFP3 Model M1300Vp 10 pcs. 423

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Set of 2 FFP3 Half Masks with Valve Deltaplus M2Fp3V

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Anti-smog and anti-dust masks

Anti-smog masks offered in the Gabi health and safety store provide effective protection of the respiratory tract from polluted air, affecting the comfort of work, as well as everyday life. Our masks are tailored to the diverse needs of customers - it is worth checking the parameters of individual products and adjusting the anti-smog mask ideal for you.

What should characterize a good anti-smog mask?

The mask serves to protect the upper respiratory tract from the pernicious effects of smog: air pollution and exhaust fumes, so its most important element is the filter. An anti-smog mask should fit snugly on the face, closely covering the mouth and nose. Most protective masks are made of synthetic fiber, which provides an effective barrier against selected types of pollution. The structure of the masks can be equipped with a layer of non-woven active carbon, which allows them to effectively absorb hazardous compounds such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, especially present in the air near busy streets.

There are both reusable masks, in which filters should be replaced so that they last longer, and disposable anti-smog masks, which should be replaced after each use. It is worth considering choosing the replaceable ones, as by replacing them frequently, we are assured of maximum protection throughout their use.

Who should equip themselves with an anti-smog mask?

Products of this type are excellent protection for people living in cities with high concentrations of particulate matter, both larger particles (PM10) and smaller ones (PM2.5 and 0.3 micrometers, which are particularly dangerous to health as we breathe them into our lungs), such as Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw and their agglomerations. An anti-smog mask is recommended for anyone who practices sports in the city, especially those who are exposed to inhaling polluted air expelled from car exhaust pipes, e.g. runners, cyclists.

Polish cities, and especially Krakow and other localities in the Malopolska region, are struggling with the problem of air pollution - in southern Poland the concentration of particulate matter in the air exceeds standards many times over and is denser on some days than in European or American metropolises. That's why many people consciously choose anti-smog masks that provide air filtration through a hepa filter or a layer of activated carbon, which also protects against gas pollution, present especially on busy streets.

Dust masks for everyone

As we have already mentioned, dust masks protect the respiratory system both in working conditions and on a daily basis. In our store you will find only high-quality products. Delta Plus, 3M, Filter Service - these are the largest manufacturers of dust masks in Europe, as confirmed by numerous user recommendations. The products available in our store differ in shape, size and specifications, so everyone will find a mask perfectly suited to their needs. Half-masks are great for urban environments, where in the autumn and winter residents are exposed to high levels of smog in the air.

Why should you buy dust masks from us? As one of the few we have such a wide selection. In addition, buying from us you can be sure that the product has been repeatedly tested and has the required certificates. Our services have already been used by hundreds of employers and individual customers - we invite you to buy!

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