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Dielectric gloves

Dielectric gloves (another name: electrical insulating gloves) are designed to reduce the dangers of working with electricity. Electrocution can be fatal, and the place that most often comes into contact with wires is, of course, the electrician's hands.

We offer dielectric gloves in various sizes and resistant to any type of voltage, so among others: 0.5kv dielectric gloves;
- 2.5kv dielectric gloves;
- 10kv dielectric gloves;
- 20kv dielectric gloves;
- 30kv dielectric gloves.

Electroinsulation - a characteristic feature of dielectric gloves

Dielectric gloves, or electro-insulating gloves, are designed to provide proper protection of the worker's hands against electric shock. On the website of the BHP-Gabi store, the gloves are available in several versions, which differ from each other only in the degree of resistance to different levels of electric voltage.

What are electro-insulating gloves and when is it worth buying them?

Electro-insulating gloves are the basic protective equipment of a worker who performs work with voltage up to 1kV. At voltages higher than 1kV, dielectric gloves are considered additional protective equipment.

The multitude of sizes means that each person will be able to choose the optimal size gloves. All pairs are suitable to be equipped with a coating to prevent sweating of the hands. The coating is made of various materials, including cotton.

Gloves from our offer are resistant not only to electric current of a certain voltage, but also to such agents or substances as:

  • oily substances;
  • hydrochloric acid;
  • extremely low temperatures;
  • ozone.

We believe they will prove helpful during many jobs with electricity!

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