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Tool boxes - on handle, on wheels, with drawers, removable

There is no doubt that toolboxes make life easier for anyone who uses a lot of tools of different types in their work. Among other things, the toolboxes in our offer allow you to:

  • grouping tools by size;
  • grouping by type of tools;
  • convenient removal of tools;
  • handy carrying of tools;
  • storing them in a safe place;
  • efficient organization of work.

The range of toolboxes in our store

The offer includes, among others:

  • tool boxes on wheels;
  • tool boxes with drawers;
  • sliding boxes;
  • with handles;
  • tin (steel);
  • made of plastic.

Carrying a large number of heavy tools can be cumbersome, so we offer our customers a choice of tool boxes on wheels. They allow you to move heavy equipment from place to place in an easy way, on the ground, without the need for carrying, thus reducing the duration of often tedious activities.

A toolbox with drawers, on the other hand, is all the more handy the more tools (including small ones, as well as screws, sockets and the like) a professional uses in his work. Deciphering unorganized tools is difficult, annoying, and takes up a lot of time that could be spent in more productive ways.

We also know that the work of vehicle mechanics, electricians, carpenters and other professionals involves situations in which boxes fall from a small height. However, large enough to damage a crate of inferior quality. The toolbox from our offer is quality workmanship, the metal and plastics that make it up are able to withstand a fall from a height and protect the tools inside.

We also offer tool boxes with removable compartments. They are especially recommended for storing very small items needed for work, that is, all kinds of screws, bolts, threads and other small items. Removable compartments are handy, easy to use, and allow you to reign in tool chaos while working, not to lose important items and reach for them almost intuitively.

So we offer our customers a way to group tools, protect them from damage, and in the case of padlocked boxes, also from theft. They are convenient to transport, resistant to the effects of time and intensive use, robust, safe and durable.

We encourage you to browse the offer and purchase the right type of crate. We believe that it will prove helpful in many situations!

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