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Carabiners - an indispensable accessory to buy in the online store BHP-Gabi

The carabiner is one of the most important parts of climbing, mountaineering and caving equipment, and an essential part of the belaying set, which is indispensable in difficult conditions. The main task performed by the carabiner is the function of connecting the various parts of the system with each other, in order to minimize the risk of a fall. In our online store BHP-Gabi you can find a variety of models of carabiners, which are characterized by incredible durability and low weight, with very high mechanical strength. Therefore, they will be perfect for the mountain trail and climbing wall.

Snap hooks - elements that minimize the risk of losing the keys

The second type are carabiners for keys. Their primary role is to minimize the risk of losing precious, valuable items needed on a daily basis. A key ring carabiner is a key ring with a sturdy and durable design, which ensures the security of keys in any situation. In addition, it can also serve as a decorative tag.

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