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Toilet paper

Cleanliness and hygiene in workplaces are key elements affecting the health, safety and comfort of employees. Taking care of this minimizes, among other things, the risk of spreading disease, but also shows respect to the people employed.

Thus, it is mandatory for every bathroom to have toilet paper - either in small rolls, hung on a holder, or in large rolls, which are placed in special containers. It all depends on how much the place is used. In addition, the papers differ in the number of layers and the raw material from which they are made, and these factors affect the comfort of their use.

Toilet paper in large rolls - convenient in offices and public toilets.

Gray, waffled toilet paper in large rolls is ideal for office buildings, but not only. It will be perfect for shopping malls, schools and other public toilets where a lot of people pass through each day. It then lasts longer and there is no need to engage the cleaning service for frequent replacement with new rolls.

In our online store BHP-Gabi you will find Merida brand industrial toilet paper, more specifically the Economy and Klasik series. Within each of them, different types are available so that everyone can choose the best one.

Gray toilet paper - matching Merida containers

Merida toilet paper is sold in large packs - either 6 or 12 rolls each. Depending on your needs, you can buy a single pack or place a bulk order, making a stock right away for the whole month or quarter.

In addition, each roll has a different diameter and different length. At BHP-Gabi you will get, among other things, toilet paper with a diameter of 19, 23 or 28 centimeters, and 160, 220, 230, 340 or 350 meters. You can easily install it in paper containers. Such a solution is hygienic and convenient. The employee or other people using the toilet will certainly appreciate it.

Check out our offer of toilet paper in large rolls!

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