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Foam fire extinguishers

If you want to purchase high-quality foam extinguishers at very affordable prices, you've come to the perfect place! In the BHP-Gabi store you will find exactly the models you need. The products available from us are very easy to use. They are great for securing various types of public facilities, as well as schools, hospitals, airports, as well as office premises and production halls. Foam extinguisher is perfect for extinguishing various types of fires. It can also be used to suppress fires that etch electrical equipment that is under voltage up to 1000 volts.

Ergonomic and functional foam extinguishers

Foam extinguishers can be successfully used in a variety of heat conditions. However, it is worth remembering that they are not suitable for use in minus temperatures. The several-kiliter tanks, which contain liquid nitrogen, have a robust, fireproof housing. Thus, you can be sure that they will not be damaged during the firefighting operation carried out.

Foam extinguishers - application

Foam extinguishers are designed to extinguish fires of groups A and B, and sometimes F. The exact markings for which type of fire the extinguisher is designed for can be found on its housing. Type A fires are those in which solid materials burn, causing the formation of carbon during combustion - this can be wood, for example. B fires, on the other hand, are those in which we have to deal with the ignition of things that melt when exposed to fire, that is, made of plastic, for example.

F fires are those in which oil or grease has been ignited. The latter must not be extinguished with water and extinguishers of other types. A foam extinguisher should absolutely be on the equipment of workplaces, manufacturing plants and restaurants, as well as other places where oily liquids are used. We should also have one at home.

How do foam extinguishers work?

Foam extinguishers are those in which the solution used for extinguishing is extinguishing foam. This one fired toward the burning object restricts the oxygen supply to it and cools the fire zone. Since the extinguishing medium consists of water and a foaming agent, this type of extinguisher should not be used during metal or gas fires. Inside the extinguisher there can be light, medium and heavy foam. In a situation where you reach for the former, you can expect very little damage, much less than with water.

Advantages of foam extinguishers

Foam extinguishers are one of the two most popular types of fire extinguishers. They are readily available and easy to use. The effectiveness of foam extinguishers is high, and empty product bottles can be refilled. They are not used only in situations where the item may be damaged after contact with water. They are much more environmentally friendly than those based on fire extinguishing powder.

Looking for the right fire extinguisher for your car, workplace or home? You are in the right place! Take a look at the wide selection of fire extinguishers of various types that you will find in the assortment of our store!

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