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Crank Handle 910/46 Beta



32,32 €

(26,28 € + vat)

T-handle with joint 910/40 Beta 16312



49,06 €

(39,89 € + vat)

Handle with sliding Lifter 910/42 Beta



15,14 €

(12,31 € + vat)

Handle with Lifter 900Bg/30 Beta



9,25 €

(7,52 € + vat)

Extension 1/4" 900/20Lk Beta"""



5,33 €

(4,33 € + vat)

"Joint 1/4" 900/25K Beta"



11,22 €

(9,12 € + vat)


Indispensable in many activities and workshops, the knobs we present in this category are original, yet made of durable materials. These knobs are relatively easy to use, and resistance to bending and cracking is definitely in favor of their selection. We cordially invite you to take a look at our offer.

What are the cap knobs used for?

Each knob presented here is used, among other things, for socket wrenches. Thanks to the fact that we have prepared a diverse offer, finding interesting proposals should not be a major problem. First of all, we encourage you to pay attention to, for example, the crank knob or t-type knob. It owes its name to its characteristic shape. Our crank knob models are made of high-quality steel, so that these items, on the one hand, are very durable and trouble-free to use, and at the same time really lightweight. A large part of our offer is also the so-called knobs with a toggle or collector. Resistant to damage and twisting, they allow you to work with these tools without problems. And such a knob is undoubtedly one of the must-have items of equipment in any garage, workshop or production hall.

What else makes it worth choosing the knobs available in this category?

The knobs available here, often referred to as ratchet wrenches, are used when it is necessary to screw in a component around which there is not much space. In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that working with such knobs is simply very convenient, even for people who are just dealing with them for the first time. Our models, by the way, are resistant to damage and very sturdy, which is undoubtedly even more convincing in favor of their choice.

The dials have a very wide range of applications, and at the same time they do not take up too much space. All this makes it certainly worth choosing them. We cordially invite you to place an order in our store and choose the ratchet knobs presented here.

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