Bolle eyeglasses available in our store

BOLLE is a brand that specializes in the production of various types of protective and sports glasses. Thanks to the products of this company available in the BHP-Gabi store, you will ensure the safety of your eyes in various situations, including in conditions where the risk of eye damage is very high. With a wide selection of models, you will find Bolle safety glasses that will meet all your expectations!

BOLLE SAFETY glasses - what makes them stand out?

Sensational quality, the use of materials that provide exceptional durability and effective protection are the features that characterize the products of the BOLLE brand. The goggles meet the required occupational safety and health standards and can be used in places where there is a likelihood of damage to the eyes from particles, dust, hazardous substances and chemicals. They will prove perfect for work in industry or construction.

Modern design makes them look good on the face. The use of solutions popular in sports glasses will ensure functionality and comfort of use even during activities that involve a lot of movement. The use of special technologies will allow for a perfect fit to the shape of the face and a stable position. Additional coatings present on the lenses prevent scratching and fogging, even in harsh weather conditions. These advantages make BOLLE goggles an excellent product for people working in various positions!

For whom will BOLLE goggles work well?

Goggles will be a practical solution for people whose job duties involve performing tasks in an inclined position. Special elastic straps make them hold firmly on the head, protecting the entire eye area. The design provides an unrestricted field of vision. What's more, if you wear corrective glasses, you can successfully wear them under protective goggles. For those who appreciate multifunctionality, an interesting choice will be goggle models in which the earcups can be detached and an elastic strap can be used instead, which is a solution specific to goggles.

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