WC pictograms from our offer - why is it worth it?

We have already mentioned the materials from which the products we sell are made. Stainless steel does not get covered with unsightly patina, rust or other eye-pleasing deposits. It is resistant to mechanical damage to a very high degree, and the pictogram simply hangs in the right place. It is safe to say that the toilet pictograms from our offer will serve years, if not decades. Durable material is just one of the advantages. Pictograms, which are on a base of steel, are created in such a way as to convey information about the type of toilet the user will enter as quickly, most visibly and aesthetically as possible. Thus, the toilet pictogram is simple, clear, legible, visible, and almost every person who sees it (from children to the elderly) will read the information it contains without difficulty.

Pictograms should be well designed. For example, the pictogram of a toilet for the disabled is very distinctive. However, it should have sufficiently thick features to be discernible from a distance. Similarly, the pictogram of the ladies' toilet and others. Pictograms from our offer look like this, which makes them visible from a distance and in an environment lit variously (strong light, twilight).

WC pictogram - application, types

Pictograms from our offer are suitable for use in a wide variety of places. From shopping malls to offices to manufacturing plants. Steel is resistant to various environmental factors, so pictograms can be hung on doors almost anywhere.

We sell pictograms with dimensions of one hundred by one hundred millimeters with rounded corners. The dimension is suitable for any size of door - the sign is not too big, so it does not take up much space. It is also not too small to be overlooked. Rounded corners provide a full form of protection against cutting or puncturing the skin in case the pictogram falls off.

We sell pictograms for WC with markings:

  • Men's WC;
  • Women's toilet;
  • WC for the disabled.

There are also pictograms marking a room suitable for mothers with children. They are usually found on toilets, but there are sometimes separate rooms that serve as such spaces without being toilets.

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