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Brixton Classic Polstar Clothing


14 days


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Clothing for a Sawyer Dr-Pil-U Reis 18274


3 days


150,98 €

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Protective clothing Um type Master Reis


3 days


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Workwear Brixton Classic Overalls (12929)


Archived product


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Workwear Pirat Sara

Sara Workwear

Archived product


34,38 €

(27,95 € + vat)

Sets of work clothes for special tasks

It's very important to be able to fully focus on the task at hand while working, rather than trudging around with uncomfortable or impractical clothing. There are many jobs that are demanding not only in a physical and mental way, but can bring increased risks to the employee holding the job. We are talking especially about occupations associated with the handling of dangerous tools, contact with moisture, and even those involving the risk of being bitten by insects. Many of the sets offered by our store you can also successfully apply to work in the garden or while fishing!

We offer professional set of work clothes in many, different variants!

You will find a number of specialized sets, as well as work clothes for universal use. As a rule, a set of work clothes consists of dungarees and a jacket. Their important feature is that they have many pockets, which effectively help to organize the work and save the valuable time of the worker. They must be made with care and with the use of both strong and comfortable to use materials. The kit should be purchased based on the employee's measurements just like any other piece of clothing. A good fit of the individual pieces to the anatomy of each person is possible thanks to adjustable suspenders, graduated cuffs and legs.

We also offer specialized work sets suitable for chainsaws, forestry workers, sewers and many other professions. Sewn-in reinforcements effectively prevent the dangerous consequences of uncontrolled body contact with the blade of the saw, and colored inserts guarantee the visibility of the worker - increasing his work safety. On the other hand, the kit for forestry workers has camouflage coloring, which helps protect against insects such as ticks, midges and mosquitoes.

We encourage you to take advantage of our assortment and wish you good luck at work!

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