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Hiking cookware - perfect for camping, campfires, canoeing or mountain hiking!

Are you one of the lovers of mountain hiking? Are you planning a camping trip with your family or friends? Camping? Or maybe a campfire? Then you will undoubtedly benefit from the offer of hiking utensils we have prepared for you! Tourist utensils are useful in a variety of circumstances, and they are used both by hikers and avid survivalists or bushcrafters, as well as soldiers.

Types of tourist cookware

The steel hiking cookware - because this is the material they are most often made of, specifically stainless steel - in our offer is designed to allow you to prepare a meal in field conditions. Stainless steel is very resistant and does not affect the taste of meals and drinks. Tourist cookware set includes:

  • menasks;
  • plates;
  • pots;
  • cutlery (forks, spoons, knives);
  • cups;
  • frying pans;
  • cutting boards and others.

The list can be really long, especially if you decide on travel cookware for 4 people. Such an elaborate set comes in handy especially during outings with a larger group. Smaller sets are equipped with fewer items, so you can easily fit them in your backpack.

Before you choose the right kit for you, consider the circumstances in which you will use it. Difficult trail, inclement weather, little space in your backpack? We recommend a smaller kit with the most basic equipment. A relaxing trip with the family to the lake? Without a doubt, campfire hiking cookware in an expanded set will prove to be the optimal choice.

Tourist cooking utensils do not have to be equipped with everything. The key is to determine which ones you will find most useful in a given situation. Sometimes a basic set of cutlery is enough, sometimes it will be difficult to do without a pot in which you boil water. Once you decide which set to buy, it will certainly prove its usefulness many times over!

We believe that the products in our offer will meet your requirements!

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