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Tactical flashlights

Are you a survivalist or bushcraft enthusiast? Are you no stranger to air soft? Or maybe you just need a sturdy flashlight that will not fail you in difficult, demanding circumstances? Then you will most likely be interested in our offer of tactical flashlights, which we have prepared for you. Tactical flashlights were developed for the needs of the uniformed services - police, military, firefighters - but very quickly passed to civilian use. They are shockproof, emit a strong stream of light and dispel darkness even in the rain (they are waterproof). This makes them prove useful in a great many situations:

  • in areas of armed conflict;
  • during rescue operations;
  • in the art of survival;
  • in everyday activities.

Tactical flashlights from the offer of BHP Gabi

How do good tactical flashlights differ from their ordinary counterparts? First: they are made of highly resistant materials. While mountain climbing, running, fighting an enemy, a tactical flashlight can fall on a very sharp, hard object, get cut or crushed. It must be able to withstand - at least to some extent - this type of stress in order to be useful when the dangerous situation is resolved. An ordinary flashlight will very quickly get wet, stop shining, break and become unusable for anything.

The flashlights in our range are resistant to shocks as well as cuts, impacts, vibrations and moisture. They are waterproof to a depth of several to several meters, so they will certainly not stop working after falling into a smaller body of water - for example, a puddle. The models available in our assortment shine farther than an ordinary flashlight (the range is from one hundred to even four hundred meters!), their batteries last longer, and the angle of incidence of the light makes it easier to discern the terrain, even inaccessible!

For the most demanding customers, we have also prepared night vision monoculars, which help you find your way around without any light sources. We believe that the products in our offer will prove helpful when you need strong light!

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