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Powder extinguishers

Are you the owner or manager of a certain public facility and are you looking for high-quality firefighting equipment that can be successfully used regardless of the temperature conditions outside? Then you have come to the right place! In the BHP-Gabi store you will find efficient and functional powder extinguishers, which are perfect for protecting various buildings, as well as means of car and rail transport. The devices we sell are distinguished by their ease of use. The powder extinguisher is equipped with a solid brass valve. The extinguishing agent it contains is under constant pressure. As a result, the product is ready for operation immediately after removing the pin.

Powder extinguishers in tanks of different capacities

In our store you can purchase powder extinguishers in tanks of different capacities. Among them you can mention such devices as:

  • - powder extinguisher with a weight of 1kg;
  • - powder extinguisher with a weight of 2 kg;
  • - 4kg powder extinguisher;
  • - a 6-kg powder extinguisher.

Decide for yourself which one will work best for you.

Powder extinguishers - application

A product in which the fire extinguishing medium is powder, ejected with the help of nitrogen or carbon dioxide, is called a powder extinguisher. What to use it for? How does it differ from other types of fire extinguishers? This issue is linked to groups of fires. We use powder extinguishers most often in extinguishing type A, B and C fires.

Type A fires refer to solid materials that produce glowing carbon when burned (e.g., wood, paper). Type B fires refer to those materials that burn or melt when exposed to fire. These can include plastics and oils. C fires are those involving gases - most often propane, hydrogen or methane. A powder extinguisher will work well for extinguishing electrical fires, provided that these are not in motion at the time of occupation.

Powder extinguisher - designation

A powder extinguisher is always marked with the abbreviation GP, which in expansion reads exactly the same as its name. In addition, on each extinguisher there is information on exactly what fires can be extinguished with it. This is because the recommendations may vary a bit depending on what powder is inside the product.

On most of the products you will find the designation ABC, and sometimes ABCD. The former is used in the situations described in the previous paragraph, while the latter is used in addition for metal fires. After the fire is extinguished, the powder that remains on the items must be removed. This is most often done by the fire department, which arrives at the scene.

Advantages of powder extinguishers

Among the main advantages of powder extinguishers is that they are one of the most useful and versatile products of their kind. Most types of fires can be extinguished with them without fear. They are most often found in cars, offices, workplaces or schools. The way to use powder extinguishers is extremely simple. All you need to do is: remove the pin from the valve, point the extinguisher towards the source of the fire and press the trigger. We encourage you to check out the wide selection of fire extinguishers available in our store!

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