PROTEK SYSTEM - overalls and safety articles

PROTEK SYSTEM brand products available at BHP-GABI store.

The website features PROTEK SYSTEM brand products. Each item offered in the BHP-GABI store meets all OSH standards and conforms to the highest safety standards.

The assortment consists of articles of the above-mentioned brand, viz:

  • protective suit,
  • key ring with a lock and a through hole,
  • hose connector for the ventilator,
  • special rescue stretcher, designed for transporting people, for example, to an ambulance.

What distinguishes PROTEK SYSTEM clothing and other health and safety articles of the brand?

PROTEK SYSTEM has been on the market for more than 20 years. It specializes in making protective clothing and producing various types of health and safety articles. All the brand's products, not only clothing, but also other products have been tested for safety, obtaining a CE certificate, confirming that they have passed the tests. Meeting the most exorbitant needs of customers, PROTEK SYSTEM has created things that protect workers from various types of hazards, organic and chemical substances found in high concentrations, as well as from dangerous biological agents and poisonous agents.

Protective overall Multi Tec Protek System

Protek System

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