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Anti-slip tape 18.3 M Tas-Anty Reis 19140


3 days


27,22 €

(22,13 € + vat)

Safe Stop El 030 Protekt Tape


14 days


54,43 €

(44,25 € + vat)

Durable and sturdy anti-slip tape from BHP-GABI

Do you urgently need to protect your stairs, parking lot or gymnasium? In the assortment of our store you will find a great anti-slip tape, necessary in many cases. With its help you will perfectly secure the selected space. Do not miss this opportunity and check its durability now.

Functional anti-slip tapes

Our anti-slip tapes are very functional. With them you can protect stairs, parking lots or garages and many other places. This will enable you to feel more comfortable in a given space and, perhaps, avoid many unnecessary accidents. Our anti-slip tapes are 18.3 meters long. This will allow you to secure a very large space in places where you think it is simply necessary. Tapes from our store are resistant to damage and very durable. Thus, they will adequately protect the space for a long time.

Have you already made up your mind about buying anti-slip tape from our store? It is not worth delaying and you need to decide now. We cordially invite you to purchase it.

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