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BEE-HAT61 BE Beekeeping Hat


3 days


10,20 €

(8,29 € + vat)

BEE-HAT65 BE Beekeeping Hat


3 days


10,55 €

(8,58 € + vat)

Beekeeping hat - a striking and functional accessory known to beekeepers for years.

A beekeeper's hat with mesh around it is one of the most popular ways to protect yourself from insects in the apiary. Each of our products of this type has an airy material and in no way restricts the movement of the head or neck. Protective clothing for beekeepers used to be limited exclusively to this type of hat. It used to be the beekeeper's only protection against stings when he was in the apiary. We invite you to take a look at our wide range of beekeeping hats now.

The Adamek beekeeping hat is completely made of cotton, while the attached net is created entirely of polyester. These are durable products that ensure their comfort for a long time. The special net that is attached to the hat does not allow bees or other insects to get into the face area. In order to maintain stability while working in the apiary, our beekeeping hats are additionally equipped with wires that hold the mesh. This face-protecting element provides excellent ventilation even on hot days. All hats are finished with a special welt, which gives extra protection against stings and is very comfortable.

Beekeeping hat with mesh all around - an indispensable solution that makes work very easy

Our beekeeping hat is the perfect protection against stings. It will make you feel very comfortable and safe during your work in the apiary. Each of our beekeeping hats with a zipper provides very good visibility. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the netting will get in the way of your proper functioning while working.

Our beekeeping hat provides adequate and effective facial ventilation. As a result, you will feel very comfortable and fresh in it. In the assortment of our store we have different types of hats, so you can perfectly match one of them to your preferences. Have you already decided on our beekeeping hat? We highly recommend it to you and wish you nothing but successful shopping in our online store.

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