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extension cord 5Z 3 M 99410001 Cerv


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13,36 €

(10,86 € + vat)

Extension cord 5Z 10 M 99410002 Cerv


7 days


21,09 €

(17,15 € + vat)

Retractable Extension Cord 4Z 25 M 99410003 Cerv


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98,17 €

(79,81 € + vat)

Electric extension cords - durable and modern support for many activities

Electric extension cords are products that are used to bring electricity wherever there is no electrical system within reach. They are perfect for use in the household, allotment or garden. The use of an electric extension cord also allows you to work comfortably on small repairs with such equipment as chainsaws and drills. We have a wide range of professional electric extension cords. We invite you to check it out right now! Our range of electric extension cords is large. Depending on your needs, you can choose a model with a shorter cable of three meters or a longer one measuring as much as ten meters. This gives you the opportunity to choose and adjust the extension cord to your preferences. You can also opt for a coiled electric extension cord, whose cable length is up to 25 meters. This product is ideal for construction sites or outdoor work, where there was a need to bring electricity relatively far from the electrical system.

Electric extension cords - perfect at home and outdoors

The exact technical specifications of our electrical extension cords can be found in the description of each product. It's important to match this product with the type of extension cord you will most often need. Here, power and the number of available outlets are usually considered as an important matter. Our household electrical extension cords usually have five of them. This is the optimal number, which allows you to use up to five different electrical appliances at the same time.

Our home extension cords are white in color, which fits many interior styles. This will allow you to perfectly integrate it into the interior of your home. As a result, the extension cord will not draw unnecessary attention to itself. We recommend using them only indoors, As home extension cords may have low resistance to various weather conditions.

Have you already decided on one of the electric extension cords? We wish you nothing but successful shopping in our store.

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