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Eu202 - Roofing - Carpentry Angle


3 days


38,65 €

(31,42 € + vat)

Svb24M - Magnetic Box Beam Level 61Cm Savage


3 days


81,18 €

(66,00 € + vat)

Svb36M - Magnetic Box Beam Level 91.44 Cm Savage


3 days


129,20 €

(105,04 € + vat)

Svcm233 - Adjustable Angle - Universal Savage


Product temporarily unavaliable


29,53 €

(24,01 € + vat)

Svk666 - Folding Saw - Savage Knife


3 days


32,35 €

(26,30 € + vat)


Levels are measuring instruments that have been known and appreciated for many years. They have the task of determining angles and determining the level of structures being created. With their help, any repair and construction work is efficient, and measurements - accurate. In the Gabi Centrum BHP store, a wide range of spirit levels is combined with attractive prices, so you can choose the perfect one for you.

Professional spirit levels for a variety of works

Professional spirit levels have a wide range of applications. Without them, it would be difficult to perform various repair and construction works. In our offer Gabi Centrum BHP you will find construction levels, created from strong and durable materials, such as special glass or plastic tubes. You can choose from magnetic, roofing and carpentry models, adjustable, folding saws, etc.

Levels of various types

An angle level is used in many jobs - ensuring accuracy and precision. In addition, it is worth appreciating levels with a magnet, which facilitate measuring work and increase the pulling power. They are convenient to use, so even beginners can cope with them. Saws, angle irons and levelers make repair and construction work efficient and accurate. Thanks to them you will get the desired results and avoid mistakes during work.

Measuring tools available in our store Gabi Centrum BHP meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers! If you have any doubts about which model will be suitable for you, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the professional assistance of our sales staff.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our assortment now!

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