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Decontamination Cabin Lubawa

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Milagro 2 Safety Harness Lubawa

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Decontamination cabin and jump chutes

What is a jump chute? A rescue jump-chute is a piece of equipment that cushions the jump and protects from injury people jumping from the floors of endangered buildings. It is usually an air-filled cushion or a structure with an air rack.

Rescue crews often use the jump chute as a last resort, especially when there is little time to carry out an evacuation or a fire ladder cannot reach the rescue site.

How does a jump-chute work?

Skocochrones are made of non-flammable plastic, highly resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage, especially tearing. Large skocochrones are inflated using two independent fans, which shortens the deployment time. Modern jumpchrons have an advanced system of double air chambers, which optimally delays the impact, and an innovative pressure equalization system makes it possible to make another jump in a very short time.

Jumpchutes are mainly used for evacuation from higher floors, during fires in buildings, accidents in high buildings, and in situations where access by a special vehicle to the scene of action is difficult.

Our offer - skokochrony and decontamination cabin

Our jump chutes are invaluable in situations where rapid evacuation from height is necessary. Made of non-flammable and durable materials, they are able to safely cushion a fall, protecting the life and health of evacuees. Among other things, you can choose from a variant that will work for jumps from a height of 23 meters or a skydiver that will work for jumps from 16 meters.

In addition, a decontamination cabin is also at your disposal. It is indispensable in places where there is a risk of chemical or biological contamination. They allow quick and effective removal of harmful substances from the surface of the body and clothing, which is key to ensuring the safety of workers.

In our health and safety store we offer a selection of jumpers and decontamination booths that meet the highest safety standards. We invite you to take a look at our offer!

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