Nikwax water-based eco-friendly waterproofers

At, we invite you to discover a wide range of eco-friendly waterproofing products from Nikwax, a prominent British company specializing in the care of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment. Since its founding in 1977, the manufacturer has continued its pursuit of excellence through innovative approaches that not only enhance the performance and durability of clothing, but also contribute to environmental protection. Nikwax, is known for its high-quality, water-based products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

In the offer of the store you will find waterproofers for cotton, nubuck, leather, as well as gloves, ropes or boots, giving antistatic and water repellent properties to fabrics. When you buy Nikwax waterproofers, you are providing long-lasting protection and care for your favorite clothing or outdoor gear. Discover the full range of Nikwax waterproofers in our inventory and take care of your gear in a way that not only protects, but also respects the environment.

Why use clothing waterproofing products?

Regular use of clothing protectants is important to maintain the high performance and durability of outdoor clothing. Nikwax waterproofing products not only provide protection against moisture, stains or mechanical damage, but also protect fabrics from faster wear and tear due to adverse weather conditions.

The systematic use of preparations allows you to maintain the waterproofing, breathability and functionality of clothing, giving comfort and safety even in the most demanding weather conditions. Nikwax waterproofing is not only an investment in the longer life of clothes, but also an ecological way to take care of your favorite outfits and reduce the need for frequent clothing replacement, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment.

Jackets, pants and trekking boots are subjected to harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and mud. Nikwax water-repellent treatments provide protection against moisture, keeping garments dry and preventing water from entering the fabric. This is important to stay warm and comfortable.

Nikwax proven shoe waterproofer

Protecting footwear is a basic step in footwear care that is just as important as protecting clothing. That's why Nikwax shoe waterproofing has appeared in our offer, providing comprehensive protection against moisture, dirt and stains. The special formula penetrates the structure of leather, suede or nubuck to form a durable protective layer. This not only protects against moisture, but also improves the abrasion resistance of shoes, which translates into functionality for a longer period of time.

Sports, hiking or casual boots - Nikwax formulations are tailored for different types of products. Thanks to them you will avoid problems with wet feet, increase the durability of your footwear and gain confidence in any outdoor activity.

We encourage you to explore the entire range of Nikwax products in the online store and find the perfect waterproofing product to suit your needs.

Cotton Wax Proof Impregnation 300 ML NI-643


7 days


11,18 €

(9,09 € netto)

Nikwax Glove Impregnation 125 ML NI-531


7 days


6,75 €

(5,49 € netto)

Nikwax Shoe Cleaning Gel 125 ML NI-821


7 days


6,59 €

(5,36 € netto)

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