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Disposable shoe protectors at BHP-Gabi store

One of the indispensable items to have in your purse or backpack is a shoe protector. The so-called shoe protector is particularly useful when staying in hospitals and other public places, where concern for the health of others and cleanliness of the premises is at the forefront.

What distinguishes disposable shoe protectors?

Disposable shoe protectors are usually made of a material also used for food storage bags. The film, which ends in an elastic band, ensures that the disposable shoe protector does not fall off the shoes. Among the most common models, there are two versions. One shorter, reaching only to the ankle, and the other longer - to the middle of the calf. Currently, in the assortment of the BHP-Gabi store you can find products from such brands as: 3M, Ardon, Delta Plus, R.E.I.S. and Tyvek. In addition to standard protectors, the site also features less common disposable flip-flops with antistatic properties.

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