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Working on poles with electricity requires the use of appropriate equipment and safety devices. In order to climb a pole, whether wooden or reinforced concrete, efficiently, effectively and without undue risk, you need to use special tooling - poles.

Our offer includes such products as: - posts for wooden poles;
- posts for spun poles;
- posts for reinforced concrete poles;
- accessories (belts and replacement rollers for posts).

Post walking stools from BHP-Gabi

Each of the models available in our store has passed the appropriate quality control and has been certified. The certificate is a confirmation of the quality of the posts and their high functionality in a variety of environments (wood, reinforced concrete, etc.).

You can easily adjust the posts from our offer to the shape and size of your own feet. The right fit is crucial not only for the comfort of your work, but also for the safety of activities performed at a certain height.

The offer also includes interchangeable post rollers, as well as straps. Any model that is used intensively may wear out at some point. We assure you that it will not happen too soon, but if a particular model finally breaks down, you will not have to buy a new one. Just replace the belts or rollers, which are the most heavily used elements, and your model will become fully functional and ready for use again.

The poles from our offer are very versatile. Thanks to them it is possible to climb poles of different diameters. The products in our range are made of wear-resistant materials, i.e. hardened steel (protected against corrosion), strong leather/coated fabric (straps vary in material of manufacture depending on the type of post) and durable rubber.

Stable pole climbing is possible. Use the equipment from our offer, and you will surely be convinced of its quality. We believe that they will prove useful when working with electricity on wooden, reinforced concrete and spun poles!

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