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Company first-aid kits - essential in every workplace

There is no doubt that modern occupational health and safety standards are very high both in Poland and in the European Union. However, adherence to occupational health and safety rules does not fully protect against potential health and even life-threatening situations. A production plant is an automated and safe place, nevertheless accidents happen there as well. Every workplace should moreover, in accordance with Polish and EU labor law, be equipped with company first-aid kits.

A company first-aid kit differs from a personal or car first-aid kit in that it is suitable for hanging in a specific place of the facility. It is also slightly larger, and its packaging is not made of polyester material, fabric, rather a durable and relatively resistant plastic package. It should be in a conspicuous place and ready for use at any time.

Customers can find many models of first aid kits in our offer. A factory first aid kit with equipment from our offer is adequately stocked, regardless of the model. However, individual models may differ in composition, so please check it before buying a specific model.

Company first-aid kits - equipment

In the first aid kits we offer you will find a variety of utensils needed to perform bandages or other activities during first aid. First-aid kits include, among others (depending on the model):

- elastic bandages;

- sets of plasters;

- bandage slings;

- wipes soaked in disinfectant;

- disposable vinyl gloves;

- bandages with compresses;

- compresses for wounds;

- thermal blankets;

- scissors;

- mouthpiece for artificial respiration;

- first aid instructions;

- others.

The composition of different models of first aid kits may vary between specific units. Do not postpone the purchase of a company first aid kit until later. Accidents happen in even the most secure plants, where health and safety standards are strictly observed. Feel free to browse the offer!


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