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Paper towels

Paper towels are an integral part of any workplace that values hygiene and comfort for its employees.

Paper towels for the feeder are not only a convenience, but above all hygiene. In an era of increased awareness of personal hygiene, paper towels have become an indispensable part of any office, workshop, school or medical facility.

Paper towels - advantages.

Why are they so important? First of all, paper towels for the feeder are disposable, which means that after use they are immediately discarded. As a result, there is no risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses, which is a common problem with traditional cloth towels.

In addition, paper towels folded into a feeder are also extremely practical. Feeders provide easy access to the towels while protecting them from contamination. Many models of feeders are equipped with systems that separate individual towels, which helps to maintain order and reduce consumption.

What kind of paper towels can you find with us?

One of our most popular products are STANDARD single paper towels. These green towels, with the symbol PZ21, are waffled and folded in "Z" for ease of use and convenience. Each towel measures 25 x 23 cm, which guarantees effective drying of hands.

The paper towels in leaves come in a commercial package - a carton containing 4,000 towels. The carton contains 20 packs of 200 ready-to-use paper towels. This makes them ideal for large offices, schools, medical facilities or workshops, where hygiene and convenience come first.

Merida paper towels

Merida paper towels are known for their high quality. They are manufactured with attention to every detail, which guarantees their durability and performance. Merida paper towels are available in different sizes and types to meet the different needs of customers.

Thanks to its experience and commitment to providing the highest quality products, Merida has become one of the leaders in the hygiene and cleaning products industry. So be sure to browse our range of such hygiene products and choose the variant that best suits your current needs.

We believe that affordable prices and paper towels from a reputable brand will ensure that everyone will find the products they currently need with us. Take a look at our offer of paper towels for the feeder. Also check out paper towels in a roll.

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